Carpentry atelier and school – Dakar

Carpentry atelier and school

Tivaouane Peul, Dakar, Senegal

The project of a carpentry school for street children in the extreme outskirts of Dakar was born thanks to the collaboration between the NGO Bambini nel Deserto and returning Senegalese migrants.

The goal is the creation of a small artisan workshop in which migrants, specializing as carpenters in Italy, can form small groups of street children and take them to the profession.

The limited budget foreseen for the construction (less than € 100 per square meter) made it necessary to maximize the resources available and to study creative solutions that would allow the use of recycled or experimental materials.

The covered space for the processing and storage of timber is separated from the road through a system of partition walls made of simple, overlapping and spacing wooden boards to allow air to pass through.

Place: Tivaouane Peul, Dakar, Senegal
Client: Bambini nel Deserto
Year: 2019
Activities: architectural design, works direction
Partners: –
Status: built
Surface: 150 sqm
Funds/Donors: Fondo FarBene

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