Federico Monica

Architect and urban planner, Ph.D. in planning and urban design.

Specialized in the analysis of urban contexts in sub-Saharan Africa and in the definition of programs for slum upgrading, he is also interested in self-construction processes and in the use of alternative, recycled and low tech building materials.

Founder of Taxibrousse, he is responsible for architectural and landscape design, urban planning, scientific research and assessments.

Roberto Curzio

Civil engineer with specialization in environmental requalification.

He has many experiences as project manager, designer, works director and evaluator of civil, infrastructural and hydraulic works in international cooperation projects in various African countries.

Founder of Taxibrousse, he is responsible for structural, infrastructural and hydraulic design, environmental planning, work management, monitoring and evaluation.


Pamela Del Pianta


Deborah Scorzelli

Environmental Scientist

Antonio Brugnoli


Alice Giovanelli


Alberto Giroldini


Carla Procida

Interior & Service Designer

Gabriella Magri


Stephane Fotie


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