Musée du Désert – Mauritania

Musée du Désert

El Beyedh, Mauritania

The project is located in the heart of the Mauritanian Sahara, at the archaeological site of El-Beyedh where there is a small museum built over the years with artifacts collected by the elderly village head.

The idea of Bambini in Deserto NGO is to enhance the existing heritage within an exhibition that addresses the issue of human migration linked to climate change.

The museum consists of a series of narrow rooms with a maximum height of 2.80 meters.

The main stone walls are built traditionally without the use of cement and emerge progressively from the sand.

The shadows drawn by the covering sheets recall the shapes of the dunes on the horizon, integrating the building with the ephemeral surrounding landscape.

The distribution of the buildings recalls the Mauritanian flag with the exhibition spaces aligned to form a crescent and a tower/observatory that represents the central star.

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